Teen Fit Classes Start in September

Teen Fit

The Washington County Family YMCA will be offering Teen Fit Classes again this fall, set to start in September at their facility in Salem.

Classes are open to participants ages 10 and up, and will begin Monday, September 18th.  Offerings are held on Mondays 3:30pm, following the school day, and will run through October 30th—transportation is available from the Salem Community Schools to the YMCA.   

These 45 minute classes are geared towards teens, and giving them the tools they need to have a positive self-concept and healthy lifestyle.  Youth learn not only the value of physical activity, but the value of themselves.  Through group exercise and healthy living curriculum, youth improve their self-image.

  “This class isn’t about getting skinny or changing yourself physically—it’s about using exercise as a positive outlet and learning about important lifeskills and topics that can impact a teen’s self-concept and confidance,” said Rosie Morehous, Youth First Director at the Washington County Family YMCA.  “We know that teens today feel such pressure to fit in—from peers, from society, FROM EVERYWHERE…. Our hope is that this class will be a laid back environment for teens to come together, enjoy some fun workouts, and realize what it is that make each and every one of them valuable.”

 The program will offer a variety of work outs during the 6 week rotation, allowing participants to experience an array of exercising outlets.  In addition to the physical component, participants will receive skills and knowledge—as well as a supportive and safe environment—to discuss important topics such as nutrition, healthy coping techniques, self-worth, and other issues that may negatively impact their confidence and self-esteem.

The Intructor for the Teen Fit Class will be Kim Beard, the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer for the Washington County Family YMCA.  Kim began as an instructor with the YMCA in 2010 and became coordinator in 2013.  She is very passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and personal goals.  She enjoys getting to know participants, helping them to set individual goals, and make strides towards achieving and exceeding them.  Kim will also be working with guest speakers during some classes to bring in individuals with personal experiences and success regarding the topics of each class. 

The cost for the 6 week session is $20 for Members of the YMCA, and $35 for non-members.  Registration is now open, and is encouraged by Friday, 2/17/17.  The program must meet the minimum program enrollment to be offered.  Financial assistance is available for the program; contact the YMCA’s front desk to receive your application and for more details. 

As always, the YMCA’s values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility will be modeled and encouraged throughout the program. Check out the website www.wcfymca.org to register online, call 812-883-YMCA, or stop by The Y’s front desk for details.

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